Letting your content come across: professional, competent, clear and concrete.

Conveying your message. Being present and in contact during conversations or when you give a talk, present, teach, inform, lecture...

Using your space, listening, asking questions, reacting, interacting; communicating efficiently.

If you would like to work on your voice, speech, presentation and communication you are invited to come and explore, experiment, learn and develop your skills to get the most out of your voice and speech.
I’d love to put you “ON”   


Meant for:

English speaking professionals and expats with various nationalities.

To work individually, it is possible to arrange one or more
individual training or coaching sessions.
(Average amount of sessions: 3)

If you desire a training for your staff,  department, trainees or colleague’s you might consider to let me take care of a
customized incompany workshop or training
for you.

More options:
Interim voice and speech coach:
in collaboration with trainers and coaches
− Learning Modules:

in-service training, (leadership)training, change processes, strategic pathways or (trainee)programs.
within an existing curriculum.


Current activity abroad:
march 26, 27, 28 − Bucharest
The Bucharest sessions / Sessiunile de la Bucuresti
individual sessions voice and speech / personal expression

As a teacher, trainer, coach and speech pathologist I support professionals in a broad field of occupations, in matter of voice, speech, presentation and communication.   

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Individual Training & Coaching

Training session of one and a half hour
Business rate (excl. btw.)
€ 225,-
Private rate (excl. btw.)
€ 205,−

Coaching session of one and a half hour
Business rate (excl. btw)
€ 275,−
Private rate (excl. btw.)
€ 245,−

Make an appointment
or through 
+31(0)6 208 11 604
+31(0)70 30 60 840

Workshops & training
Customised / Incompany

Together we determine the goals in advance. We discuss which atmosphere is desirable for your group of participants. I come to visit you (at location of your choice) and I’ll get started.

We practise firmly for a (half)day, with a lot of interaction: giving and receiving feedback, learning from each other.
We make more noise than we normally do and we do so with pleasure.
People will be talking about this for a long time.

Tune in
through info@alexboon.nl
or through
+31(0)6 208 11 604
+31(0)70 30 60 840

My work is supportive

Practical and thorough, playful and provocative...
firm, sharp, soft, subtle.

I listen,
play, poke, call, ask, modify, push, move
and encourage you.

You go to work,
experiment, slip, play, practise and apply.

You are most welcome.

Find me
+31(0)6 208 11 604

+31(0)70 30 60 840